WPtouch Add-Ons.

Enhance your license for WPtouch and get more out of the product with our Add-Ons.

WordPress Multisite Support

Adds true Multisite support for WPtouch, including Network Activation Support.


Easy Tools

You'll see a pane in the setup wizard when you install WPtouch Pro in a Multisite Network environment, which allows you to control plugin behavior for sub-sites.

The Only One

WPtouch is the only mobile solution for WordPress that has been designed to work elegantly in a WordPress multisite network environment.

Multisite Add-On Features

Amazing tools for Multisite WordPress you won't find anywhere else.


Inheritable Settings

Configure a site with WPtouch, and have all new sites inherit those settings as defaults.



Deploy settings easily from one site to another (or several sub sites) in a Network.


Hide Settings

Hide WPtouch settings sections from sub sites. Site admins can still see and change the settings, but sub site users can't.


Theme & Extension Control

Choose to provide only select themes and extensions be available to sub sites on your Network.

Professional Install.

Have our team setup WPtouch for you with recommended settings while resolving any conflicts.


Plugin Install

We upload WPtouch Pro and any extensions and themes you've purchased to your website, and activate it for you.



We setup WPtouch with recommended settings, and look at your website to make customizations best suited to your content and desktop theme.



We check compatibility with your desktop theme and other plugins, and resolve conflicts wherever possible for you.

Developers Developers Developers.

Adding developer support to your license gives you what you need to customize WPtouch Pro quickly.


Custom Code

Need a code snippet, or some help implementing a plugin or desktop theme's unique code into your WPtouch theme? With Developer Add-On, our team will provide that kind of help and service to you.


Shape Updates and Fixes

We frequently incorporate developer feedback and fixes into our release cycles. We know you need the most out of the product, and work hard to improve it for you.


Priority Help

All support tickets from customers with Developer Support are flagged in our system as high priority— ensuring you front-of-the-line help.

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