May 3, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

BraveNewCode & WPtouch: Passion Behind The Product [VIDEO]

Delivering the Best Mobile Experience

We recently announced the latest major release of our flagship plugin, WPtouch Pro 3. Over the past months we’ve worked hard rebuilding WPtouch Pro from the ground up. Our goal, to once again set a new standard for designing mobile experiences. Highly customizable mobile themes, an advanced and elegant admin panel and improved support resources are just a few of the incredible new features packed into the release.

Find out more about the creation of WPtouch Pro 3 in our new video that features our co-founders, Dale Mugford and Duane Storey, and product designer Martin Kuplens-Ewart. Join the guys over a cup of coffee as they share their thoughts on the revolutionary technical and design improvements baked into WPtouch Pro 3.0.

Read more about WPtouch Pro 3 on our product page. Discover how easy it can be to deliver the best mobile experience for your site visitors and clients.

Questions about WPtouch 3? Reach us through our contact form.

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