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Infinity Cache: WordPress Cache for WPtouch + Desktop Themes

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With WPtouch Pro 3.1 we’ve introduced extensions, powerful additions to WPtouch Pro themes that take your mobile website to the next level. Infinity Cache WordPress Cache is one of our favourites, and enables mobile + desktop caching for WPtouch Pro-powered websites.

Caching Mobile with WPtouch Pro

For a few years now we’ve been helping users configure WPtouch & WPtouch Pro to work alongside popular desktop theme caching solutions. Not without issue however— as doing so in some of these larger, in-depth plugins can be quite an elaborate process that essentially involves disabling cache for mobile. While a viable solution and mostly headache free, these configurations don’t offer the same speedy improvements for mobile page views as seen for desktop.

Network congestion and latency, coupled with slower wireless connection speeds make load time for mobile web pages extremely important for everyone.

WPtouch Pro themes are built as highly optimized, lightweight and are speedy in their own right— but caching can always improve user experience and minimize server load when it comes to php and MySQL-based websites. It’s always been a goal for us to offer a solid caching solution ourselves to speed up WPtouch Pro page views for mobile devices.

Introducing Infinity Cache

In WPtouch Pro 3.1, we’ve introduced three new extensions to current customers: Mobile Content (for replacing desktop content with mobile content on the fly), Responsive Images (for serving optimally-sized images for each device), and Infinity Cache (for caching both mobile & desktop).

Yes you read that right— Infinity Cache handles both mobile and desktop caches.

It even caches mobile visitors who switch to your desktop theme, ensuring all visitors are served lightning fast page views no matter how they choose to visit your website.

If you already have an existing caching plugin for your desktop website, you can also use it in conjunction with Infinity Cache- your existing plugin will cache desktop pages, and Infinity Cache will handle all the mobile agents set to pass through to WPtouch Pro.

It’s Lightweight & Easy to Set-up

Unlike so many of the complex cache solutions available for WordPress, Infinity Cache is simple and straightforward, and does caching right without worry. It truly is a “set it and forget it” type of cache solution.

infinity cache wordpress cache options

Infinity Cache options

In addition, Infinity Cache also includes support for Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) such as MaxCDN. If you have a MaxCDN account, you can simply add your custom URLs to Infinity Cache and have it automatically serve your static content from your CDN.

Get It Today

Infinity Cache is available to all Small Business, Agency/Multisite and Enterprise WPtouch Pro customers in the Themes & Extensions Browser inside WPtouch Pro 3.1.

To view licenses for WPtouch Pro, visit the product pricing page.

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