Make Your WordPress Theme Mobile Friendly

Make Your WordPress Theme Mobile Friendly

WordPress is a fantastic tool for building online sites increasing traffic and, ultimately, growing your clientele. While WordPress sites are often designed for desktop usage, a changing technological landscape that places emphasis on mobile devices means mobile friendly versions are not only important but necessary. The goal is not only to provide a website that is adequate on a mobile device but also increases rankings. This is why using WPtouch WordPress theme mobile friendly plugin is essential.

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WPtouch is a WordPress plugin that optimizes your site to a mobile friendly version through targeted features, extensions and professional help. Add on certain functions and plugins to get the best experience with little effort from you.

Use WPtouch to create your flawless mobile friendly site and start seeing conversions today.

Why do you need a mobile friendly version of your site?

Mobile devices account for a large percentage of Internet users and that number only continues to rise as cellular device usage spreads. The result? An ever-expanding need to make the desktop version of your site available on mobile devices as well. Desktop themes typically look quite bad on Mobile devices unless you have WPtouch to make it look, and perform as needed…

In order to stay ahead of demand and ready to take on anything else that presents itself to your business, being mobile friendly is extremely important. Now more than ever, Google chooses to favor sites that are formatted for mobile devices over ones that aren’t. This means that if your site is not formatted for a mobile device, it can have noticeable implications on the way your site loads. Often images will be sized incorrectly and text will overlap or be positioned wrong. Sites meant for a desktop will also load slower than ones that are specifically meant to be seen on a mobile device.

The benefit of a mobile friendly site is that it is created specifically for mobile devices. The images, text and formatting all appear as they should and the page loads quickly. With mobile friendly pages, there is also the ability to include certain features that increase conversion rates that a desktop version loaded a mobile device may not include. This is because, on desktop versions of sites, certain aspects of the page are left out to allow the site to load on a mobile device.

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Once you see how important it is to have a mobile friendly version of your site, you can understand the need for WordPress mobile plugin to optimize your WordPress built site.

Why WPtouch?

Among WordPress mobile solutions readily available today, WPtouch is the quickest, simplest and most accessible tool out there to make a mobile website fully operational.
Customized mobile friendly solutions with WP made available by web development providers help you to stay highly competitive on the market.

WPtouch has a comprehensive collection of add-ons, extensions and support services to help you build the best version of your mobile site that you can.

Stand-out, unique features include:
Same URL and Custom Code Snippets: WPtouch programs let you keep you existing URL, transforming content into a mobile version using the same URL as your desktop page. A team of developers created custom code for your site.
A Team of Developers: WPtouch’s teams of developers are ready to hear your concerns and solve your issues. Priority support help means if you have purchased the Developer Support add-on service  your inquiry is flagged as high priority and support is given to you as soon as possible. Developers are also available to implement updates and fixes to the software as soon as requests come in.
Professional Installation: Let WPtouch take care of the plugin by installing it for you and configuring the exact settings that work best for your site. Our team will also double check that the mobile site is compatible with your desktop version for you.
Multi-site Add-On Features: Add-ons to make managing multiple sites from one account make it easy to run your business, (or businesses) efficiently and effectively from any kind of device.

WPtouch WordPress Mobile Friendly Theme Options

WPtouch has many themes that make it and your site unique. While some themes are better for other businesses than others, the sheer number of options means there will definitely be a great choice for your mobile site.

While the number of themes you have access to varies depending on your plan, choose which WordPress mobile friendly theme may be best for you:

Bauhaus: Best for taking on any kind of branding. It is the most simple to use and the most flexible theme. Retina-ready display, easy to set logo, color and type make matching your mobile site to your desktop theme a breeze.

Mobile Store: Best for commerce companies. Advanced but complete and able to make selling via your mobile site simple. Maximize traffic and sales with this user-friendly, mobile sales theme.

CMS: Best for sites with a lot of content. CMS can handle multiple pages of content with no problem while still being easy to navigate and supporting all of WP’s major functions.

Simple: Best for flexibility. Simple is just that, simple. It can be used for everything from small businesses to schools and page-driven sites. It is particularly popular for its concise and fun on-page navigation.

Prose: Best for writers. Prose is the best theme for showcasing content on mobile devices. While many people choose to read in depth content on a desktop rather than a mobile device, Prose may just change some minds. Features such as the ability to change text reading size, view collections and categories of content and share articles with friends are just some of what makes Prose ideal for writers.

Open: Best for small businesses. Open is a great format theme for displaying operating hours, locations and products. There are also options easily to push advertisements and special offers through the theme.

Classic: Best “classic” theme. This theme is one of the most popular of WPtouch’s, allowing customizable display and a timeless, re-designed navigation.

Customize Your Mobile Friendly Site The Easy Way

WPtouch takes over where WordPress leaves off. With tons of customizable features, add-ons, WordPress theme mobile friendly and support help, it is easy to see why WPtouch can make a huge impact on your businesses success.

We are deep in the era of the mobile device; there is no sign of mobile technology usage slowing anytime soon. Maximize your reach to potential customers, readers, viewers and online eyes by creating a Google-friendly, mobile friendly, speedy version of your WordPress site.


Sign up for WPtouch plugin today and never look at your WordPress site the same again.

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