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Use Mobile Plugin WordPress To Optimize Your Site

The approach to making a good online impression varies for each company and product. While the tactics may change, there is one key element that remains constant throughout; having an optimized mobile version of your site will increase your rankings, traffic and overall success. There are many ways to do this but by far the best is using the WPtouch Mobile Plugin WordPress endorses.

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WPtouch will improve your website’s functionality on a mobile device while simultaneously being easy for you to implement and use for any and all WordPress websites you use.

Download the WPtouch Mobile Plugin for WordPress and see just how easy it is to use and the difference it makes in your business.

The WPtouch Mobile Plugin Difference

With the WPtouch Mobile Plugin for your WordPress website, create a version of your website that performs amazingly as a mobile version while your desktop version remains unchanged thus increasing your mobile websites rankings.

How does it accomplish this?

WPtouch is a plugin for your WordPress site, meaning you can add it to your existing WordPress account and site with ease. Transform content while maintaining your URL and desktop site’s content; essentially the plugin creates a new site specifically for a mobile device while maintaining your existing content. The new Google-preferred, mobile version of your site will then be flagged by Google as “mobile friendly”, which instantly improves your rankings on Google.

Higher rankings on Google, as you’re probably aware, means more traffic to your site and more customer and/or client conversions. In short, higher Google rankings mean better business for you. Want to learn more on how to make your WordPress site mobile friendly?

Once you realize the difference our WPtouch plugin can make, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it.

Mobile WordPress Plugin Features You’ll Particularly Love

By far the best parts of the WPtouch mobile WordPress plugin are how easy and affordable it is and how much of a performance difference it makes for your site.

Some other great parts of the WordPress mobile site plugin?

– Enjoy increased speed on your mobile site that far exceeds desktop versions and other mobile plugin versions of the same desktop website when you use WPtouch.
Seamless integration meaning 30 of the WordPress plugins on the WordPress website are supported by WPtouch.
– Because WPtouch instantly makes your website appealing to Google by optimizing it for mobile viewing, your rankings will almost immediately reflect a better SEO ranking.
Multi-site support allows you to optimize multiple product sites at once without switching platforms or services.
Easy installation! This is a big one; many people want to utilize a mobile plugin WordPress tool but are anxious about the installation process. WPtouch makes it easy to install, even offering professional installation and developer support so you’re never overwhelmed or confused.
– On that note…Full 24/7 access to support and knowledge base PLUS in-house, staff support 5 days a week. Nothing is more frustrating than technical problems, WPtouch won’t leave you in the dark.

wordpress sites made responsive

WordPress Plugin Mobile Site Optimizer Testimony

While it can be easy to hear how great a particular plugin is, you can never be sure if it’s the right decision for you. The solution? Review real customer testimony of how much of a positive impact the plugin made in their businesses.

One testimony titled Great plugin and support is above and beyond reads: “I’ve used WPtouch for a couple of years now…This plugin allows you lots of other options and is highly customizable. You can even create mobile only page versions which I use in a few places. The support is just world class with pretty much immediate response. In fact, I recently had a problem with something that ended up being not directly related to WPtouch Pro and they just trouble [shot] it and fixed it. It really saved [me] in an important week for my company. They didn’t know this while they were helping me. Above and beyond.”

Works like magic says: “Well done guys, this is fantastic. Installed and now my site looks perfect on mobile, not even a setting change required.”

A review titled Total Life Saver reads: “Have not the slightest idea why people are still making themes without mobile version included, however it happens. With that in mind, WPtouch Mobile Plugin to the rescue. Love all the different themes and options. You guys make my website look good and help up my PR in Google stats. Thank you.”

Perhaps one of the most important testimonies you can read is titled Keep your head when others are losing theirs and says: “Today is the day everyone is freaking out about how Google changed it’s code and everyone’s website will be messed up. I checked – we are fine. Why? This great plugin. I never have to worry about it. The website always looks like I expect it to look.”

Finally, one testimony generously titled Excellent plugin, even better support says: “User feedback after installing the WPtouch plugin has been, without exception, amazing. This is a very well thought-out and high quality plugin, and is perfect for those who need a fully responsive mobile design for their WP web site. Super easy to implement and customize.”

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After reading a WordPress Plugin Mobile site optimizer testimony like that, it is easy to see exactly why the plugin is so popular amongst WordPress users and online businesses everywhere. Great customer service is one common theme and something WPtouch prides itself on delivering to call their customers.

Whatever your online website or business, you can benefit from using WPtouch’s mobile plugin WordPress add-on. Optimize your site for mobile viewing and usage and be rewarded by Google in the form of higher rankings and site traffic. Mobile Internet usage is certainly not slowing; adapting to the changing technology is the most important way you can maintain successful businesses!

Download the WPtouch WordPress mobile plugin and start experiencing the difference today.

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