October 17, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

New WPtouch Pro Feature: Related Posts

Early this morning we pushed out WPtouch Pro It’s been nearly six weeks since we did a release, mainly because we have been working hard on WPtouch Pro 3.1, which will be available before October’s through. In the interim we wanted to push out a small release that has one great new feature for all users: related post content.

Related Posts in WPtouch Pro

Related Posts in WPtouch Pro

Most people are familiar with related post plugins for WordPress, but many of these in our experience don’t work that well on mobile. We decided it would be best to simply roll our own module for WPtouch Pro to include this functionality for mobile sites. Related posts are determined by evaluating all types of taxonomy that are assigned to a post. It even works with custom post types as well.

Research shows that adding related entries to the bottom of posts can decrease bounce rates (how often someone will leave your site after visiting that page) by up to 50%, so adding related post content can be a great way to increase visitors exploring your site a bit further.

All WPtouch Pro users with a valid support and auto-update license can update via the WordPress administration panel. The built in mobile WordPress themes for WPtouch Pro already include this feature, so simply enable the display of Related Posts from the WPtouch Pro administration panel. Enjoy!

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