October 30, 2012 — By WPTouch Admin

Optimize Your Site for iPad with WPtouch Pro


CigarDojo.com is a good example of a WPtouch Pro-powered site
optimized for both mobile and iPad

We often field questions about using WPtouch Pro for smartphones, but did you know WPtouch Pro also supports iPad tablets as well?

WPtouch Pro on iPad takes its cues from standard iPad user interfaces so your visitors will instantly know how to navigate your website.

Features include:

  • iPad-native touch and scrolling gestures
  • easy to configure popovers
  • fly in forms
  • easy to customize iPad sidebar logo and backgrounds
  • full retina support, and more!

Our latest Tips Central featured site, CigarDojo.com, is a good example of a customized WPtouch Pro iPad optimized site.

Enabling WPtouch Pro iPad support is as simple as turning on iPad support in the WPtouch Pro admin panel. From there you can customize your iPad theme as you wish. Settings which make sense for both mobile and iPad are automatically shared in WPtouch Pro, saving time and effort to set things up and maintain as you go along.

Find out more about WPtouch Pro for iPad on our WPtouch Pro page.

Interested in looking at more examples of WPtouch Pro-powered sites? Check out our Tips Central archives.

Do you have questions for us about WPtouch Pro for iPad? Let us know!

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