October 23, 2012 — By WPTouch Admin

Our Favourite WordPress Plugins: Duane Storey, BraveNewCode Co-founder

One half of BraveNewCode’s founding partnership, Duane Storey has been developing software applications/web-based architectures since he was in the womb. He has built novel web applications, Facebook applications, and even contributed to the voice engine that was once in Yahoo! Messenger.

This week we asked Duane to share some of his thoughts on WordPress and his favourite plugins.

Why do you work with WordPress?

I’ve always really enjoyed the process of writing, and of course having people read and sometimes comment on pieces I’ve written. As a result years ago I started exploring website options and eventually decided that WordPress was the best platform for me to use. Once I started using WordPress I realized that the flexible plugin architecture made it really easy to add functionality to my site, so I started writing code to present my photos in a better way. Eventually this lead me towards the creation of WPtouch, and ultimately BraveNewCode, with Dale.

Top Three Plugins

Flickr RSS by eightface and stefano.verna
This plugin is really basic, but I’ve pretty much used it on every site I’ve worked on where having Flickr photos was important. It does what it says it does, and it’s not confusing. I like simplicity.

Gravity Forms by rocketgenius
Having a contact form on a website is pretty standard these days, and whenever I think about adding one to a site, I almost always go with Gravity Forms. It’s really the best form creation/management plugin on the market. It is a commercial plugin, but I am always happy to hand over some money since it saves me a ton of time and effort when putting a site together with it.

WooCommerce by WooThemes
At BraveNewCode we’ve pretty much tried every eCommerce engine available for WordPress over the years. Without a doubt, WooCommerce is the most reliable and well-written one we’ve encountered, and it definitely simplifies things for us around here. It’s definitely my go-to plugin for doing commerce on WordPress now.

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