October 18, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

Piggy 2.0: A New Live Sales Data WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

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When we made Piggy, our real-time e-commerce sales data WordPress E-Commerce plugin available for free, we didn’t anticipate such an overwhelming response.┬áIt’s clear users of the plugin really enjoy its sleek, easy to use, and elegant interface. It really is the best way to view WordPress e-commerce sales statistics. For 2.0, we wanted to make huge strides in the look and feel of Piggy, and lay the groundwork for lots more to come.

To accomplish this we have done away with a lot of extraneous JavaScript, images, and other resources in order to streamline the loading of Piggy. The page weight for Piggy now clocks in at only 332KB! We have also taken great strides in leveraging WordPress’ new Transients API, which allows us to cache pre-calculated data and serve it much more quickly. Piggy has to calculate large amounts of sales data in a very short period of time, so it’s an enormous challenge to get all this data crunched and loaded to you on your mobile device in 3 seconds or so. For the most part, with 2.0 we’ve accomplished that. You’ll notice load times are significantly faster overall.

We’ve also updated the look and feel of Piggy to harmoniously match more closely with modern mobile UI interfaces, notably the latest versions of Android and iOS.

But just because Piggy is up-to-date in its user interface doesn’t mean it doesn’t support older versions of the OSes like iOS5 and iOS6. It also works on older Android versions too. So it’s the best of both worlds.

Piggy 2.0 is a free update available in the WordPress.org repository, today.

The bulk of our time and effort goes into our flagship product of WPtouch, yet we still love working on projects like this that are just so much fun to create. We hope you enjoy the latest update, thanks for being a user and/or customer BraveNewCode products.

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