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We’ve Got a New Look!

Welcome! A big part of the focus in launching WPtouch Pro 3 was ensuring you have access to the very best support and find helpful product information quickly. We put these goals front and center when considering and planning the direction of our new website. We’ve streamlined and updated every corner of our website, refreshing

Why Top Internet Brands Choose Server-side Mobile Solutions [White Paper]

If you are serious about providing a fast and well-formatted multi-device experience for your site visitors think server-side solutions. The average size of a web page in 2012 is now 1249 KB, up 40% year-over-year, according to Assuming this trend continues, average page sizes in 2014 will be over 2 MB-four times larger than

WPtouch Pro Tips Central:

Our “Tips Central” blog series spotlights WPtouch Pro-powered sites built and maintained by designers, developers and site owners like you. Read about other designers, developers, and site owners’ experiences with WPtouch Pro and get ideas for your own projects. Our experts also provide their recommendations for additional site enhancements using WPtouch Pro. Site URL:

Responsive Design Versus Server-side Mobile Solutions [Infographic]

If the average mobile user is only willing to wait a maximum of four seconds for content to load on their devices, it makes no sense to use an approach that may slow down your site’s loading time. Yet some are choosing to use responsive design for their websites – a method by which both

Media Release: Why Responsive Design May Be Wrong For Your Site

MEDIA RELEASE WHY RESPONSIVE DESIGN MAY BE WRONG FOR YOUR SITE Responsive Design versus Server-side Mobile Solutions VANCOUVER—Why do top internet brands like Google, Facebook and Yahoo use server-side solutions to deliver content to multiple devices? One answer, quite simply, is speed. If the average mobile user is only willing to wait a maximum of

Media Release: It’s All About Speed, Mr. President

MEDIA RELEASE IT’S ALL ABOUT SPEED, MR PRESIDENT Server-side Mobile Solutions versus Responsive Design VANCOUVER—U.S. President Barack Obama would have a better chance of meeting his May 2013 deadline of ensuring Americans are able to access government information on their mobile devices if he used a different method of delivering mobile content. That’s according to

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