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WPtouch Updates: Free goes international, better custom post types, and more!

If you’re running WPtouch on your website, you’ll find something fresh in your admin panel today. Here’s what we’ve been working on for the version 3.3.2 WPtouch update: Language selection We are very proud that WPtouch is available in numerous languages – both the administration tools and front-end interface are internationalized. Although we’ve been teasing the availability of the internationalized

Important Security Fix for WPtouch Pro 2.x Customers

Today we’ve released an update for the discontinued 2.x version of WPtouch Pro which includes an important XSS security vulnerability fix. All users of WPtouch Pro 2.x should update to this release immediately. We are not releasing explicit details on this flaw (as it could be used against our customers), but the fix prevents plugin files

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