Refund Guarantee

We know that buying a product online can sometimes be a bit scary. To help our customers make their decision to purchase the product, we’re offering a 14 day refund guaranteeĀ in the event that WPtouch Pro is not compatible with your website.

Because of the nature of digital downloads, there are some scenarios when we simply can’t offer a refund. Here are some examples for when a refund will be given as per our terms, and when one will likely be denied.

A Refund Will Be Granted When…

  • the product fails to work as advertised
  • the product doesn’t work due to an incompatibility with a plugin or desktop theme
  • the product causes an incompatibility with one of your plugins or desktop theme

Refunds Will Not Be Granted When..

  • the product wasn’t what a customer expected (please spend time visiting the product pages – if you have questions, please contact us prior to purchase and we can answer them)
  • a customer decides they don’t want a mobile site after all (please decide this before purchasing)
  • a customer has an issue but doesn’t want to work with our support team to resolve it
  • the purchase was a license renewal or upgrade

In all cases, a customer must work with our support team to try and resolve the issue prior to a refund being issued (i.e. please give us a chance to resolve this and make you a happy customer). We’re here to help, so please contact us if you’re having problems.

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