WPtouch : WordPress Mobile Friendly Plugin

WPtouch : WordPress Mobile Friendly Plugin

As the use of technology continues to explode, having an online presence for your business is particularly important. Whether your company fully operates online or just uses a website as a supplemental way to market your business, having a strong online presence can make a huge impact. WordPress has helped thousands of professionals improve their authority in the Internet. The easy-to-use program helps blogs and websites become a reality every day. WPtouch is a WordPress mobile friendly plugin, making WordPress accessible on virtually any device.

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Whether you already use WordPress or have never before heard of the service, WPtouch is a groundbreaking plug-in, and once installed you won’t remember how you ever lived without it.

A Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

WPtouch makes your WordPress created website optimized for mobile devices. How? With add-ons, specialized features, themes and extensions, WPtouch is the most customizable mobile solution on the market and has earned its spot as the most popular mobile friendly WordPress plugin solution for over 8 years.

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WPtouch helps you create the best mobile version of your site by introducing several multi-site features, a team of developers, and a team of installation professionals to make website mobile friendly.


– Multi-site Support Add On: WPtouch is the one and only mobile solution for WordPress that has been designed to work in a multi-site network environment. Network activation support and easy-to-use controls that help you navigate plugin behavior for sub-sites are keys to WPtouch’s success.
Inheritable Settings Add On: Configure your WordPress site with WPtouch and have all future sites inherit those settings as default settings.
Deployment Add on: Deploy settings efficiently and easily from one site to another.
Hide Settings from Sub-users Add On: The hide settings add-on allows an admin to see and make changes to the settings sections while the sub-users can only view what the admin allows.
Theme and extension controls Add On: Controls that allow you to provide only select theme and extensions to your various sub-sites.
Professional Installation Add On: Let our team of WPtouch professionals install the plugin for you. We can install a our plugin with extensions and themes you already have downloaded to WordPress plus configure your site according to both our recommended settings and customizations we find best suited to your site. Before we hand it over to you, let us check compatibility of the plugin with your desktop themes and other plugins and resolve conflicts whenever possible.
Developer Support Add ons: Who doesn’t need developer support from time-to-time? With WPtouch’s Developer Add On, you get access to a developer that can help you create a custom code for your mobile site. Specific code snippets help you to implement a plugin or desktop theme’s unique code into your WPtouch theme. Developer support is constantly incorporating developer feedback that includes updates and fixes into our app. An extra bonus when you add the developer support add-on, your support requests are automatically flagged as high priority.


WPtouch WordPress mobile friendly plugin includes several themes designed to specifically work with any kind of WordPress website and content. Mobile themes work with WordPress to create a optimizaed mobile product. Themes are tailored for writing, selling, sharing, blogging and more!

Functions like “live preview” let you view and adjust your theme in real-time while the “discover control” helps you realize all of your theme’s capabilities in well-organized, clear settings. Device and orientation settings allow you to easily switch between portrait and landscape views to preview how themes respond on mobile devices while extensions like advanced type and related posts add customizer settings, enhancing your control.

WPtouch theme features make it easy to customize your theme! Create custom: menus, post types and shortcuts with WPtouch extensions. The custom menu extension adds the ability to associate icons with menu items, helping you work both better and more efficiently. Activate specific post types that you customize yourself and let WPtouch attempt to locate and use custom shortcuts in your desktop theme.

Choose from the themes Bauhaus 2, Classic Redux, MobileStore, Open, Prose, CMS and Simple. All themes are customizable and easy to adapt to your brand, with flexible colors, fonts and logos. Take full control of your brand with WPtouch theme extensions.

Themes also allow easy media handling of audio, video and pictures – WPtouch resizes them automatically, an otherwise incredibly stressful task.

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Choose WPtouch WordPress Plugin To Make Website Mobile Friendly

WordPress can be tricky; while it is an easy platform to use and offers you tons of freedom to build a great site for your brand, finding a mobile optimized version often create some problems. WPtouch, takes the hard parts off of your hands, with add-ons and unique features that make it foolproof and still completely customizable.

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When you choose WPtouch WordPress plugin to make website mobile friendly, you know you will have hands-on help always available via professionals and a team of developers. Never sacrifice your brand for a shoddy mobile site. All WPtouch themes and add-ons allow you to focus on Desktop while leaving the mobile experience to WPtouch.

Whatever your budget, WPtouch has a plan for you. With WPtouch Pro, the prices are as follows:

Choose Go Pro at $69 with 4 themes and 4 extensions that come with your 1 site bundle.
Choose the Business plan at $179 for 5 WordPress sites and receive 5 themes and 9 unique extensions.
Choose the Developer package at $249 for serious WPtouch use and development. Included are 20 WordPress sites, developer and multisite support along with 6 thems and 10 extensions.
Lastly, choose the Enterprise package and get everything in WPtouch Pro with an additional 30 WordPress sites; good for 50 total sites.

For the best WordPress mobile friendly plugin, WPtouch will deliver on all accounts.

See for yourself how we can transform your mobile identity.

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