May 22, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 3.0.2 — BIG update with new features, fixes!

We’re been working hard around the clock to improve and add to WPtouch Pro 3. The 3.0.2 update released today packs new features, enhancements, and fixes.

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Added: Classic – Setting to disable post date
  • Added: Classic – New post thumbnail options, post thumbnails on archive pages
  • Added: Classic – Drop-down option to show ‘Menu’ text instead of icon
  • Added: Simple – 3D menu (Advanced setting)
  • Added: Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkedIn & RSS to footer social links
  • Added: Hungarian translation
  • Added: Slide transition speed (Advanced setting) for featured slider
  • Added: Silk mode user agent for Kindles
  • Added: Setting to leave administration panel untranslated even though themes are translated
  • Added: Menu setting to change parent menu item to be a link or toggle children
  • Added: Better display of slider images
  • Fixed: Classic – An issue where the menu would not be shown if tab-bar was turned off
  • Fixed: Simple – issue with ads in the header
  • Fixed: Issue with WPtouch Pro showing for Windows desktop touch devices
  • Fixed: Issue with Featured slider and missing entries on archive pages and feeds
  • Fixed: Issue with WPtouch Pro news in overview not loading
  • Fixed: Issue with junk characters in email subject line when sharing a post with unicode content
  • Fixed: Issue with multipage links on single post pages
  • Fixed: Issue regarding licensing in secondary multisite sites
  • Fixed: Issue with Web-App Mode, persistent links
  • Fixed: Issue that caused comment counts in the WP admin panel to be shown as ‘0’
  • Fixed: Issue with ads in theme headers
  • Fixed: Issue with custom post types not showing on the blog listings page
  • Changed: Classic – date, author post settings now respected on single posts as well
  • Changed: Classic – comments icon and number now hidden for posts with no comments, or comments disabled
  • Changed: CMS – minor usability improvements from customer feedback
  • Changed: Added translatable text for Post and Page text in search results
  • Changed: Updated FontAwesome module to 3.1.1
  • Changed: Improved menu parent/child behaviour in drop-down menus
  • Changed: Improved RTL styling in themes
  • Changed: Desktop switch-to-mobile links are now output using Javascript and AJAX – resolves desktop caching issues
  • Changed: Network activated plugins are now listed in the compatibility section of WPtouch Pro

Download / Upgrade

You can easily download the new version by logging into, or simply visit the Plugins area of your WordPress admin panel and update WPtouch Pro 3 like any other plugin.

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